Our 32/1 Envirogroom Skin Therapy Shampoo is Aloe Vera based, antiseptic, ph Balanced, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic. This antiseptic and fortified shampoo cleans as it relieves skin irritation even of the most serious kind. This shampoo promotes the healing of hot spots, cuts, abrasions, sores, bites, dermatitis, eczema and most other skin conditions while leaving the skin and coat clean and conditioned. Skin Therapy Shampoo is also an excellent solution for animals with sensitive skin or allergies as it washes away bacteria, fungus and yeast infections.


Our ingredients include natural plant derived Aloe Vera, Antiseptic, Jojoba, Panthenol, Soy Protein and Vitamin E.


All our natural products are safe for puppies, kittens and horses.


Envirogroom Skin Therapy Pet Shampoo comes in 17 oz, gallon sizes.   Choose the 4 gallon size option to get $3 off each gallon.

Envirogroom Skin Therapy Shampoo