Coconut Cabana.....Like a Vacation under the Sun!


Spaw 3pc. Gift Set Includes:
17 oz. Fragranced Body Works Deep Cleaning Shampoo. A Deep Cleansing Shampoo that removes oil, grease, dirt and stains from the coat. Non irritating to pets and humans. Dilute per instructions.

Fragranced Body Works Foaming Facial. A hypoallergenic and tearless foaming cleanser for head and face. Formulated to clean and deodorize.

8 oz. Fragranced Body Works Perfume and Finishing Spray. Finishing touch leaving the pet smelling great! Our perfumes are alcohol free. They contain ingredients to eliminate static, soothe the skin and soften the coat. Mist lightly, avoid eyes.


Our products are safe for use on Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens and Horses.
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Coconut Cabana 3pc. Gift Set