Comes in 7 unique scents! Ginger Spice, Cranberry Essence, Pretty Boy, Girly Girl, Plum Blossom and Sweet Cookie and Coconut Cabana!  (read descriptions below)


2pc. Frangrance

Gift Set Includes:
17 oz Fragranced Body Works Deep Cleaning Shampoo: Removes oil, grease, dirt and stains from the coat. Non irritating to pets and humans. Dilute per instructions for continued use.

8 oz. Fragranced Body Works Perfume and Finishing Spray: Our perfumes are alcohol free. They contain ingredients to eliminate static, soothe the skin and soften the coat. Mist lightly, avoid eyes.  Non-toxic, natural and biodegradable. 


Ginger Spice....a fun Scent of Pumpkin and Cinnamon topped with Ginger


Sweet Cookie....ahhh.... those all to familiar Sugar Cookies we love to bake for the holiday’s.


Pretty Boy....The Man’s Man scent. A Fresh Scent straight from a Spring Day.


Girly Girl is a sweet, cotton candy like scent for sweethearts.


Plum Blossom is the fresh, sweet scent of Plum's just blossoming.


Cranberry Essence:  Fresh Scent with Essence of Cranberry


Coconut Cabana.....Like a Vacation under the Sun!


2pc. Fragrance Gift Set