Winter Dog Grooming

Updated: May 31, 2019

It’s Winter…..Every dog is shedding right now as they get rid of their summer coats and go into the winter.

It’s a hairy time indeed!

Envirogrooms All Natural De-Shed Shampoo and De-Shed Conditioner are the “it” products!

Most furminating shampoos and conditioning treatments leave the skin and coat's dry…. usually irritating the dogs and making the shedding worse. Our Natural De-Shed Shampoo and Conditioner are rich in essential oils putting back moisture to the coat and skin while eliminating all that undercoat.

Our Natural Envirogroom De-Shed goes right to the hair shaft and puts nutrients back into the skin and coat leaving the skin and coat rich with moisture. Let us know if you’d like samples sent to you!  Our online store allows you to send us an inquiry.

Simply give us your info and we’ll get samples to you!

envirogroom de shed shampoo winter shedding shampoos

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