July is for De-Shedding! Meet Audrey and Falkor

Updated: Jul 2

Our Product of the Month is our Envirogroom Natural De-Shed Shampoo and Conditioner

As temperatures rise across the country in the next couple months, the

Natural De-Shed Shampoo and Conditioner should be your shops “go to” for incredible results with furminating.

These de-shedding products are two of our most popular because of their proven results in removing loose hair which keeps the coat fresh and manageable.

What really makes these products standout is that they are hypoallergenic and enriched with vitamins, protein and pure richness which promotes healthy skin.

Most Commercial Furminators are very drying and strip the skin and coat of all natural oil including your bather’s arms!!

Our Natural De Shed’s are rich with natural emollients putting back the nutrients and moisture and leaving the skin refreshed and the coat full and fluffy.

The shampoo (which works great in all bathing systems) easily rinses clean with no

residue and saves time by cutting brushing in half, reducing stress for both the pet and the groomer while the conditioner leaves coats silky smooth, making this an

unparalleled combination.

Check out our beautiful model this month! Falkor has just been given his bath by

mom, one of our consumers. To be honest, Falkor is so comfy just “chillin” in his

clean and fresh coat. He wouldn’t even go in the river and get dirty he felt so good

after his bath!

Here's what Audrey had to say about her at home De Shed bath with Falkor:

Last month I saw the post about Potato at Alpha Pet Spa in Reno and thought I’d check out some of Love Da Pawz all natural pet shampoos! I got in touch with Laura, who didn’t hesitate to drop some Envirogroom De Shed shampoo and conditioner samples in the mail! The shampoos arrived just in time because temps in Utah hit 106 this week and my Great Pyrenees, Falkor was ready to shed off his winter coat for the hot weather! I bathe him outside in the summer because, he's just too big to get in a bath!

I followed the directions on the shampoo bottle, adding a 1/4 cup of shampoo to a gallon of warm water and used this mixture for most of Falkor’s body. My sample bottle had about 1/2 cup of shampoo in it but a full size 16 ox bottle has about 4x that amount. On the areas where his fur was extra gunky and dirty I added the shampoo full strength. The directions say to let the shampoo sit on the coat for five minutes to saturate the hair follicles and get the fur loosened up but we it was pretty hot out and the shampoo was drying so we rinsed it out after about a minute!

I applied the conditioner full-strength and rubbed into his furriest areas first, like the tops and sides of his rear end, his chest and mane and sides where he tends to shed the most. We left the conditioner in for about three minutes and it rinsed out easily.

As Falkor dried off, I could already see that a lot of fur from his winter undercoat had loosened up when we used the de-shed shampoo and conditioner. It was time to get to work brushing him! SO much loose fur came off and it took me a couple of days of curry combing and brushing Falkor to get all of the fur off.

After a bath in the De-shed shampoo and conditioner, Falkor’s coat looks amazing! It’s gleaming in the sun and so soft and the smell of the shampoo is gentle and not overwhelming, which I like a lot. ALSO, since this shampoo is hypo-allergenic and made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, I feel good about using it. I only use natural products on my skin and in my hair feel that it makes sense to do the same for my doggo!

The shampoo didn’t dry out my skin at all. It’s rich

and emollient texture and ingredients were really

soothing to both Falkor’s and my skin!

Both the shampoo and conditioner seemed to put

back all the nutrients in to Falkor’s skin and coat

which made him feel so good and refreshed!

Both his skin and coat were so rich! And refreshed!

Look and see how Falkor is just glowing after his de-

shedding spa at home! He’s got his “sexy eyes” pose

going on for me but that’s due to the fact that he

feels so great in his new skin and coat!

STEP BY STEP bathing with Love Da Pawz Envirigroom De Shed Shampoo and Conditioner:

  1. Wet the coat thoroughly (this can be quite the job on a 110 pound goofy fluff-ball like Falkor and ideally - you should have a helper!

  2. Dilute the Envirogroom De-Shed Shampoo (1/4 cup in a gallon of water) in an old water jug or bucket.

  3. Apply liberally to the dog’s coat massaging into the fur so it gets into the under layers and loosens up the fur.

  4. Let sit for five minutes ideally (if you don’t have time, even one minute will work!)

  5. Rinse thoroughly using your fingers to get into the fur and get all the soap out

  6. Apply conditioner, paying special attention to those extra furry areas so the conditioner gets all the way through those dense layers! Let sit five minutes

  7. Rinse

  8. Towel dry or blow dry

  9. Brush and brush and brush!

We really loved using this natural de shedding shampoo and conditioner and it will definitely be a seasonal go-to for us in the months to come! I told my mom about the product for her cat, who is also shedding and she was excited to try the product too! The shampoo and conditioner are available in 16 oz bottles or one gallon containers if you want to really stock up but if you're just bathing one dog, like me, a 16 oz bottle will last you through several grooms even if you have a big 110 lb fur-ball like Falkor!

Thanks Laura and thank you LOVE DA PAWZ!

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