January: Mint Julep Shampoo and Mint Julep Conditioner with a Hot Oil SPAW Treatment!

Updated: Jan 4

Our Product’s for the Month of January are our Envirogroom Mint Julep Shampoo and Mint Conditioner! PLUS! Step by Step Directions for A Mint Julep Hot Oil SPAW Treatment!

Our Mint Julep Shampoo is a refreshing, non-irritating shampoo that's minty scent is timely for any season. Mint Julep shampoo is made with real peppermint oil and will leave a nostalgic winter scent that everyone in the grooming salon will love!

TIP: During the colder temperature months, our furry friends’ skin may get dry and irritated! Mint shampoo will provide much needed comfort as its designed to relieve and soothe dry itchy skin.

Used by show dogs everywhere, Mint Julep is also an effective texturizing and clarifying shampoo, making it an excellent choice for Poodle and Bichon coats!

Our Envirogroom Mint Conditioner is the refresher for the refreshing finish to our Mint Shampoo.It is made with real peppermint oils and leaves the coat feeling rich and fluffy. Your guest will also feel terrific! The Mint opens the pores and lets the freshness of the oils penetrate into the follicles leaving a really fluffy coat.


For a really great “add on or additional $$$ up-selling tool”$$$ advertise the Mint Julep Shampoo and Conditioner as a HOT OIL $PAW TREATMENT!

Here’s what you do:

1. Warm up the shampoo before washing the client.

2. Massage the warm shampoo into the client.

3. With warmed up towels wrap the client in the warm towels and let sit for about 5minutes.

4.Rinse thoroughly!

5.Then, with the Mint Conditioner repeat the same procedure. Warm up the conditioner and massage it into the client. Wrap with warm towels and let sit for about 5 minutes.

6.Rinse, Dry and Brush. The result is worth a million!!

The finish is unbelievable and the coat will be gorgeous!

Mint Julep shampoo and conditioner are fabulous winter products for groomers and for dogs! You'll love it!

THIS MONTH! Buy 4 gallons of Envirogroom MINT JULEP Shampoo or Mint Conditioner and get $3 off of each one.