It's April! Try our Envirogroom CRANBERRY FACIAL Shampoo + Our Pup of the Month, Capone

CRANBERRY FACIAL is our APRIL Product of the Month.

A staple for Groomers everywhere, our Envirogroom Cranberry Facial is the Ultimate Head and Face foaming cleanser.

Since 2008 this product has become more and more popular as groomers everywhere realize its full potential. Tear stains are the bane of many pet owners, groomers and the “professional show” world. Especially on dogs with white coats.

But no more!

Cranberry Facial really helps in the removal of all pet eye stains and “gunk” leaving the face of your puppy fresh and clean! This HypoAllergenic and Tearless product is formulated to clean and deodorize so that it leaves the pets face and head refreshed and most importantly KISSABLE!!

It's also great for dogs with skin folds and wrinkles!

GROOMER'S TIP: Dip a Q-tip directly into the bottle, then roll it into the folds and wrinkles of the face. Then gently cleanse. It's great to get the those stinky folds on your pup's face smelling fresh and clean!

“Capone”, our pup of the month, who’s mom is Sara Dickey, Certified directly in the facial bottle and then roll around and through the face wrinkles and gently Professional Groomer at The Stone Dog, Reno has just had his groom and monthly “Facial” leaving him with a refreshed look .... not to mention ... being so cute!

Business Tip to the Trade and Groomer Note: Create a Facial-Day in your salon!

Be creative and “up-sell” these all

natural pet facials in or with your spaw packages.

On your slowest days advertise on your signs today is “ Spaw Facial Day."

Maybe it’s Tuesday or maybe Wednesday .... whatever the day call it a Spaw Facial Day at the Salon!

Makes it fun for everyone! Plus, as an add-on to the bath creates extra $$$$ for the shop.

Our featured groomer this month is long time customer, The Stone Dog, in Reno Nevada!