Groomer's Tricks and Tips of the Trade: The Pre-Conditioning Technique

Updated: Apr 28

We are excited to share a terrific technique for conditioning your furry clients

before you shampoo!

It’s called ‘PRE-CONDITIONING’ and Andi Whittenberger, owner of Alpha

Pet Spa and Salon, in Reno, NV is sharing the “tip” for all to learn!

Pre-Conditioning is simply Conditioning your furry client first.

Andi uses our Envirogroom Mint Conditioner to close the pore allowing the removal of oil, grime, and excess hair on shedding coats, it also aids in breaking up

clumps and matts. Andi says this it the “Best solution for degreasing oily


Andi states that it’s just an all around terrific technique that allows you to

skip pre-brushing on long coats as shown in our before and after pictures

of “POTATO,” ..... Andi’s Great Pyrenees fur baby!

Silky, Soft, No Matts and very easy to just glide your brushes thru. Andi also

say’s the treatment "speeds up your drying time, which we and the pets


This is a pre-groom pic of POTATO, the Great Pyr. What a sweetie.


  • Condition with our Envirogroom Mint Conditioner First. Diluted or Pure.

  • Leave the Mint Conditioner in for 1-5 minutes depending on skin and coat condition. (best to dilute on full coats, the goal is for the conditioner to coat the skin)

  • Then wash with our Envirogroom Lavender or Envirogroom Deep Clean Shampoos.

  • Follow up with Envirogroom Mint Conditioner to close the pore, preventing oil production and leaving coats soft and airy.


Incredibly soft and silky finish on ALL coats.

Gets rid of the clumping and aids in de-matting

Potato during her blow-out!


  • Eliminates Oily Skin! Allowing pets to stay cleaner longer making their next groom even easier!

  • Speeds up drying time

  • Allows for easy pre-brushing on matts and clumps

  • You use far less shampoo!! Now that’s a savings!

  • Andi states that the treatment has helped in keeping her oily customers less oily even until the next groom!!

  • She prefers this treatment on most clients!!

Thank You, Andi, for sharing your grooming techniques with us!!

Here's Andi and her sweet pup, Potato after her special Envirogroom Mint Conditioner pre-conditioning and blowout. What a sweetie!

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