February Insider Tips: Calm Your Clients with Lavender Shampoo and an Essential Oil Experience


Our newly released product, Lavender Shampoo, is specifically designed to provide a Spaw-Like experience.

It has no artificial ingredients or fragrances and is instead made with Real Lavender Oil to sooth and calm any anxious pet who may dread bath time!

Do not let its relaxing fragrance and soft appearance fool you!

This shampoo cleans thoroughly and effectively treats dry itchy skin.

Did you know, lavender has soothing and calming effects when its smelled? It creates a sense of peace and harmony has a calming effect on dogs (the same is true for you, too!).

Our Envirogroom Lavender Shampoo is hypoallergenic so it can be confidently used despite sensitive animal or human skin. This could easily be your “go to” shampoo for those stressful baths!! If you have a client who is easily stressed, this is the shampoo to use.

Plus, February is a dry month in most places and dog coats need a little extra soothing sometimes! Our all natural lavender pet shampoo is the ticket to , soothed, soft skin and coat.

So let your clients ……. Refresh ….. Restore ….. Revive ….. as they luxuriate in our Lavender Shampoo!!

Tips of the Trade: An easy Up Sell …. Calming Lavender Hot Oil treatment (much like our Mint Julep shampoo and conditioner that we mentioned last month!) but with a more soothing, calming aim.

Our Envirogroom Lavender Shampoo can be warmed up and easily sold as a Lavender Hot Oil Treatment for that difficult client. Warm the lavender shampoo and rub it onto the dog or cat then wrap warm towels around your client. Let sit. Rinse. ( See last months post for more detailed instructions.)

An EXTRA TIP or Up-selling Opportunity: ESSENTIAL OIL TREATMENT For Soothing Nervous Dogs

Before you begin grooming dab a bit (one or two drops should do!) of lavender essential oil or patchouli, ylang, ylang and tangerine are also calming essential oils if you want to mix it up, onto your palms and hold it under the dogs nose, letting the scent get into the air before you get them wet! Rub the oil onto the back of the client's neck. It will give them an extra sense of calm before the real treatment begins!

The calm will be tranquilizing! It's a safe product for kitten, puppies, dogs, cats and horses!

Our Lavender Shampoo goes on special this month! Buy 4 gallons and take $3 off each gallon! That's a great deal.

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