Our De Mat Pro is a Natural Groomer's Favorite Product: Find out why

Updated: May 31, 2019

De Mat Pro is an amazing natural pet product. It detangles as it nourishes your pet's coat. It's favorite amongst groomers, as a “Go-To” Spray when you have a client that is knotted to the bone. It miraculously pulls out the unwanted undercoat and pulls those nasty matts that are down to the skin.  It’s all natural and has a great fresh scent!  No chemicals.  No after stick.  Just a great finish leaving the coat shiny and soft.   ( In many cases is prevents a shave down!!)

LITTLE grooming TRICK for you:  Add a cap full of DeMat Pro to your shampoo dilution and wash ...  Rinse thoroughly and begin brushing and drying.

Watch Our DeMat Pro SPEED YOUR DRYING TIME IN HALF!  It conditions and nourishes while you brush.  NOTHING LIKE IT!

Another Trick:  You can use it dry or use it wet.  Depends on how matted the client is.                                       Restores shine and health back into the coat and skin…….             Remember…. just a capful will do mixed in the shampoo…….A little goes a Long Way!

It’s great for you MOBILE GROOMERS, Too!!  As every second counts on that truck while at a stop! Enjoy a 17oz. Spray of our DeMat Pro FREE with a purchase of  ANY 2 /  Gallons  of: DEEP CLEAN, GENTLE CLEAN OR SKIN THERAPY. Offer available thru April 21st, 2019 while supplies last! (limit one per customer)

Envirogroom natural pet shampoos and sprays
Envirogroom natural pet shampoos and sprays

Envirogroom demat pro natural pet shampoos

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