Cooper Gets her Baths in our Special FX Optimizing Shampoo, an All Natural Pet Shampoo

Cooper gets her baths in our

Special FX Optimizing Shampoo. Her mom loves how it leaves the coat so lush and fluffy with no mats!

Mom also loves how the Special FX Optimizing Shampoo lifts Cooper’s color!

As Cooper plays and romps tirelessly in the snow and has a romping good time, she comes back in matted and messy and mom just brushes her coat and it regains it’s fluffiness immediately.

Cooper's mom says "We just love this Shampoo! No mats, ever!! Since we’ve switched shampoo’s, Cooper’s coat is always so silky, full and extra shiny!!"

That’s what our FX Optimizing Shampoo is famous for: Extra Fluff, Coat Conditioning and Shine along with Color Enhancement.

It really is an all in one shampoo.

This concentrated 50/1 formula will LAST! It can be used full strength or diluted and it works great either way.

FX Optimizing Shampoo is an awesome choice as a pre-show shampoo!

Four great scents: Platinum Plum, Tropical Passion, Simply Fresh and Citrus Blossom.

All FX Special Effect products are made with all-natural ingredients and use only certified organic aloe vera. Products are Certified Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable with NO additives or thickeners in any of our products. This is important to use, because it means that no gluten allergens are absorbed through the skin, which minimizes allergic reactions in pets and humans!
FX Special Effect products are also fortified with vitamins and proteins and are always gentle and mild for sensitive skins.The FX Special Effects Collection provides the highest performance for all coat types and is the most versatile and effective product money can buy! 

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