Casey and Bartley Love our Pretty Boy Shampoo

Meet Casey and Bartley, our featured Groomer and her adorable client,

Bartley. Casey is a Professional Pet Groomer and works at Canine Design Midtown, Reno, NV. Casey is Bartley’s Favorite Groomer in the whole wide world!

Bartley and his favorite, all natural shampoo!

A Little bit about Casey:

Casey started grooming in 2010 when her youngest started high school.

Not wanting to be that mom who had no life after the kids were “off and growing more independent” .... she began grooming as a hobby which turned into a full blown career!! She’s wildly passionate about grooming which includes being wild about her clients! It surely shows in her terrific work! Every client is “my special one” says Casey.

Bartley is a very sweet little boy, says Casey. He is a joy to groom!

Bartley loves to be bathed in our very own Envirogroom Pretty Boy Shampoo cuz that’s what mom and dad just love! They love the way Bartley smells after his groom and they love the silky finish the shampoo gives Bartley along with just being so clean and free of grime!

Casey loves using our Pretty Boy Shampoo primarily on her “male” clientele’s faces. It’s a terrific Deep Cleanse for the face in addition to being great for all dogs. It gets into their pores and gets all the grease out of your clienteles' skin and coats. Casey says that Pretty Boy Shampoo is a great strong smelling shampoo which is great for the boys around their faces since their faces can get so grungy and yucky around the muzzles.

Pretty Boy is an all natural pet shampoo. This all purpose shampoo is hypo-allergenic and wheat and gluten free. It cleans deep and strips all coats from imbedded grease and grime leaving the coat full and fluffy when dry.

Casey loves using this shampoo as an all around cleaning shampoo for many of her clients. Casey comments that “this shampoo just does what it says it will do” and we never have any scratching, itching or irritation when using the Envirogroom brand. I really like it!

If you're looking for another scent we also have Coconut Cabana, Girly Girl, Cranberry Essence, Plum Blossom, Ginger Spice and Sweet Cookie in this same fabulous formula.