Pak' n Go with Fido

We have an easy “Pak n’ Go with Fido” group of natural pet products easy to pack and easy carry when traveling with Fido. These Pak n’ Go natural pet products should be your go to when taking Fido along on your adventure.

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What if Fido get’s bitten, get’s skunked, gets fleas, ticks, lice?  These are all the things to think about when traveling with your furry friend.


Whether you are merely going to the beach,  (fleas), or a mountain hike (ticks and lice), this group of 4 Envirogroom products will save the day!

Your Packing List: 

Our Envirogroom No Rinse Shampoo, Envirogroom Scram Spray, Envirogroom Odor Blaster Spray and Natural Ear Cleaner

Envirogroom No Rinse Shampoo

This waterless shampoo from Envirogroom is one that you merely spray on and brush thru. Fido feels and smells great and looks like he’s just been groomed. Easy to spray on after a day out doing whatever adventure comes your way!


Envirogroom Scram Spray 

A pesticide free alternative spray that can be sprayed on Fido before you head out. Our all natural Envirogroom spray will keep all flying insects such as flies, lice, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and any pesky insect from attaching to Fido when sprayed on before you go. No need to pack your own bug spray, use Scram spray to keep insects off all of you, too!


Envirogroom Odor Blaster Spray:

Is our deodorizing spray for anything stinky that Fido might get into while you have turned to look away....any smelly anything will easily be cleared up with our Odor Deodorizer. Take it along with you just in case!


Envirogroom Natural Ear Cleaner:

Our alcohol free ear cleaner is a great item to take with you just in case something pesky attaches itself to the inside of Fido’s ears. It’s also just a fresh cleanser for Fido’s ears. Use our natural ear cleanser with cotton swabs.

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Have a tougher situation? We also have a deep cleaning shampoo that removes sap, oil, grease and other hard to remove substances your pet gets into.  It's a great product for groomers and travelers alike! 

How To Use These Envirogroom, Travel-Friendly Natural Pet Products:
Before heading out simply Spray the Scram Pesticide Alternative Spray thoroughly through Fido and brush. Spray on yourself, too! You are ready to go! Do not spray into eyes. At day’s end: Spray the No Rinse Waterless Shampoo (little goes along way) on ... brush through and let dry. Fido will feel completely clean and refreshed as if he/she has just been groomed. Do not spray into eyes. In the event of an Odor: Simply spray on the Odor Blaster Deodorizing Spray and brush thru. Do not spray into eyes. (after you use the waterless shampoo spray) The Odor Blaster is also great to spray on Fido’s bedding or in the kennel. Spray then let dry and Fido is set! Cleanse the ears with our Natural Ear Cleanser and Fido is ready for a good nights sleep! Fido will feel like a million bucks!

We are currently offering “Pak n’ Go” with Fido Travel, Natural Pet Product Packages for Hotels, Pet Friendly Hotels, Travel Magazines, Airline Magazines, Sportsman Magazines, and Sporting Good Shops around the world. 

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All Pure. All Organic. All 100% Natural  

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