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Hello and welcome to Love Da Pawz SpawSentials! Love Da Pawz SpawSentials distributorship was developed by naturalist and animal lover Laura Kidd and her devotion for all things natural in pet care products.

Laura's extensive years of experience manufacturing all things natural for humans has led her to embrace the philosophy of all things natural being equally important for our pets!  


A natural spaw experience that revives, restores and replenishes you is as equally important as a natural "spaw" experience that revives, restores and replenishes our pets coats and skin. That's why at Love Da Pawz SpawSentials we only use 100% Pure Organic Products that are safe for dogs, cats, puppies and horses.  

Shop Care: Pet Facility Cleaning Products

These brand new, professional grade, parvo-killing disinfectants, enzyme cleaners, and other pet clean up products formulated to CLEAN! 

Envirogroom Products

Our Envirogroom Product Line features Hypoallergenic Shampoo's and Conditioner's made with ONLY Natural, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic Ingredients using no unnecessary additives or thickeners. All Envirogroom products are Alcohol, Wheat, and Gluten Free, and do not use detergents or salts. In addition Envirogroom certifies that no gluten allergens will be absorbed through the skin minimizing any possible allergic reactions on pets or humans.

FX Special Effects Products

Our FX Special Effects Product Line is our latest in all natural-organic ingredients. All products are wheat and gluten free, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. Every product is vitamin and protein Enriched. Always mild and gentle for sensitive skins.

New Fragranced Body Works Collection

Our All-New Fragrance Body Works Collection: all pH Balanced, all Biodegradable, all Non-Toxic, in Seven different scents for you to enjoy!

The All-Natural Optimizers

All Ready to Use, all Herbal Formulas, all pH Balanced, all Biodegradable and Non-Toxic!

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So come on in and look around! Make your furry friends' "spaw" experience a SpawSential experience!

We've made it easy for you! You are welcome to shop online or ask to be added to one of our mobile routes. Yes, if you are a grooming salon, daycare facility or vet we come right to your door which allows you to shop, question, sample and see all the products for yourself. If you are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, Park City, Spokane, WA or Idaho and surrounding areas- give us a ring and we'll get you set up on one of our routes!

Always know that Love Da Pawz is committed to giving back a portion of it's proceeds to those charities that support the well being of animals in our lives.

Shopping naturally has never been so easy! Your furry friends will be glad you did. 

Our Promises to You:
All our products are safe for dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, and horses.
And, our products are designed for all bathing machines.
All our products are proudly made in the USA.
Love Da Pawz Organic Pet Shampoos are Made in the USA

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